Introducing…. REX!

Credits: Kitschy Digitals Vintage Camera Kit (background paper, Box Brownie, Polaroid frames); Lesley Grainger‘s Birdie ABC Alpha; Doodled Edge from Laurie Anderson – Heaven’s Gate Designs.

We’ve heard the little one saying “peep peep peep peep PEEEEEEP” for over a fortnight  now – but we didn’t want to do anything that might endanger him/her.  Well, S/he has open eyes and is finally big enough to start to stand.  I think you have to be a bird person to truly love the little ones when they’re this ugly/cute!  Bollinger and Dorian, the parent birds, are spending increasing amounts of time out of the nesting box, but both are still on feeding duty.

I’m trying not to get too attached, as it’s still early days, but young Rex is over the most vulnerable phase, we hope.

BTW – Mr Beloved called the chick “Rex” because it was able to make a fierce hissing noise when disturbed – sort of like what baby dinosaurs might have done. (And how much do I love the look of adoration on his face as Mr Beloved holds Rex?!)

We went to the Nice Psychiatrist today, and I feel like I have a little more control over what’s going on.  She listened to my whinging about side effects and gave me the option of changing meds or sticking things out  – she thinks that a lot of the symptoms I’m struggling with are signs that I’m actually getting better.  So – knowing that it really takes at least 6 weeks for new medications  to settle,  I now have an action plan,  possibly at half hour increments, of How To Cope with panic attacks, rage, hunger, etc.  It feels a bit silly filling in the day in such small wedges of time, but apparently I know this makes sense and stops any one problem becoming OVERWHELMING.

And tonight I baked.  It smells sooooo good – let’s hope THIS one makes it out of the tin without any disasters!  It’s the banana variation of Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cordon Rose Cream Cheesecake.  Mr Beloved beta beater(!) tested the mix before it went into the tin and pronounced it Good.  It’s been at least 6 years since I made it last  – I had to buy a new springform tin to replace one that didn’t survive the move from Canberra.

I must get to bed: Social Cre8te tomorrow, and we’re celebrating my birthday, so I have to be there (with the cheesecake!)  I should point out that I didn’t HAVE to make my own cake, I just wanted an excuse to bake.  Especially since part of the new regime to cope with the side effects of the medication will be a CARB FREE HOUSE (or as close as we can reasonably manage) – so that I don’t end up the size of a house again.  Lots and lots of veges and vege soup in my future.


Photos of cake etc tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Introducing…. REX!

  1. Marion says:

    Awwwwwww!! S/he is one of THE cutest babies I/ve ever seen! I bet Rex is really, really soft, too! the photos are gorgeous. Even when things seem absolutely horrible something special comes along to remind you that you're gonna be OK.

    And you will be OK, sweetie. I hope the pain is manageable. There are now psychologists who specialise in pain management, do you want me to check and see if there is one in Toowoomba? I know one here in Canberra, and I can ask him if he has written any papers that might give you some strategies.

    This is awful for you. I'm really glad you have your birthday, and a yummy cake and good friends to hold you up (and a wonderful man!)


  2. Karen says:

    hey! talking cakes I have this giant cupcake mould…if ever you want to borrow, let me know


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