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Connie takes Caity for a walk in Queen’s Park

Connie took me for a walk.  Well, I drove us to the park, obviously, but once there we went at Connie’s speed.  Which is faster than I can work my new camera: This is an Abutilon, one of my all … Continue reading

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…and counting

Well, this time next week the surgery will have been done and (hopefully) I’ll be at home recovering.  (Not sure if I’ll be spending one night or two in hospital.) I’m trying to be brave…but because I KNEW I needed … Continue reading

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Not really all birds, all the time…

But they were being cute.  These are Rexy’s parents: Dorian Grey and Bollinger B. Birdy. (credits: everything except smudge brush in lower left corner: “Cutie Putie Birdie” kit by Kitty Designs at Oscraps.)

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I am a Bad Blogger

But that’s just tough, for now.  Have another cute birdy pic instead: Little Rexie can FLY now!  And is eating some “grown up” food all by him/herself.   But still likes to make the dinosaur noises and beg from Mum and … Continue reading

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Rex and Caity

(frame from Kitschy Digitals Fabric Covered Buttons kit) Little Rex is now the size of a big house sparrow – quite intimidating to his parents who are both small for their breed. (And what a great shot of my stress … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here, move along…

Ugh. This is really just a post about my health issues, mainly for my reference.  But do read on if you’re fascinated by the ongoing drama of it all … You know the panic attacks?  Part of my problem has … Continue reading

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Rex Redux:

Just keeps getting cuter!  Can almost stand properly now, though still in the nesting box. That’s bird’s got attitude!

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Today I feel…

(Please skip if you don’t want to read about my mental health stuff. ) (Oh, Edited to Add: I am so not well that I am not even going to write my usual Easterfest Rant this year.  Long term readers … Continue reading

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The cake turned out well…

More photos to come when I get together with the other girls who were there.  All pronounced the banana cheesecake as really yum.

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Introducing…. REX!

Credits: Kitschy Digitals Vintage Camera Kit (background paper, Box Brownie, Polaroid frames); Lesley Grainger‘s Birdie ABC Alpha; Doodled Edge from Laurie Anderson – Heaven’s Gate Designs. We’ve heard the little one saying “peep peep peep peep PEEEEEEP” for over a … Continue reading

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