But it smells so GOOOOOD!

(Polaroid frame from Kitschy Digitals‘ “Vintage Cameras ” kit; font is CK Ali’s Hand.)

Fingers crossed that this cake will turn out of the tin ok!  I do adore my Nordic Ware tins, but sometimes the cakes stick a bit.  (Anyone know here I can purchase “Bakers Joy” non stick spray locally? It’s NOT the same as the spray Mum used to use, this one is flour based…)

Anyway, the cake is to take to Social Cre8te (aka PLAYGROUP!) at the Local Scrapbooking Shop tomorrow.  Since the Birthday Girl (the shop owner, Tammy)  is mad for chocolate paired with orange, I decided it was time to give one of those cakes where you boil the oranges and blitz them in a food processor a go.

The only problem? I am GUARANTEED a migraine if I mix chocolate and orange – every single time.  I had to wake Mr Beloved from his nap this evening for a taste test of the mix (yep, he got to lick the bowl, LOL!) and he reckons it’s lovely.

I’m planning on leaving it un-iced, just a few choc orange speckled easter eggs and a little bit of grated chocolate to decorate.

Will I be able to resist? Stay tuned for an update tomorrow!

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