In another lifetime…

Credits: Art Journal Caravan Parcel 8 (Scrapbookgraphics); K. Pertiet Basic Journal Spots (Designer Digitals); brushes from A Rockwell’s CU grunged pattern brushes (Scrapartist); font is Academy Engraved

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    1. I *knowwwwwwwwww*
      I Was Young.
      It was the Eighties.
      Oh dang, there’s really NO excuse, is there?! It was the last time I EVER wore white shoes, I think…

  1. Well, hello! I am finally popping in for a visit to check out your digs (and lovely work – love, love, love that fish ATC I saw on another page by the way! You know me and fishies) AND send a big fat mushy thank you for the lovely card you sent with postcards no less! What a lovely little treasure to find when I got home from my long trip. Thank you, thank you, thank you. They are beautiful.

    My dad's been gone a month and it still feels like just a few days ago – all was very intense and my heart is still broken but I'm gluing back the pieces one by one. It is so good to be home and back at my art life and know I will recover as my dad would want me to. Well, now that I've found you, I'll be by plenty. You have a lovely fun place to visit!


  2. This is good stuff.

    I think we have to do that, do the grieving for what might have been, so that we can accept and enjoy what is.

    White shoes with black stockings? Eh, it was the eighties. The eighties had their own particular brand of weird.

  3. But, oh so pretty! And I bet the music was beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to have these photos!

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