Well, thank goodness we FINALLY got the phone line in the street replaced!  When the Big Telco man arrived and hauled it out of the ground, he was amazed by how ancient it was.  He showed me ant chew marks which let water into the line (everybody sing: everyone knows an ant CAN’T move a rubber tree plant but he’s got HIIIIGH hopes…)  – apparently those rotten little beasties can gnaw right through the old stuff.  The NEW cable comes covered with a more ant-proof outer, apparently.  Anyway, so far the phone line is holding up under fairly wild conditions:

As I’m writing this, it hasn’t stopped raining for 48 hours.  We’re getting wind gusts up to 87 kilometres per hour (that’s NINE on the Beaufort Scale – or, to be more accurate and modern, 24 metres per second.)

The rain by itself isn’t a huge problem – even though we had 157 mm of rain in February, and therefore the ground is wet, and most of the rain is running straight off into water catchments.  No, the problem is that our house (and I suspect a lot of other houses in southern Queensland) isn’t designed to cope with rain that arrives HORIZONTALLY.  And at 24 metres per second. Blowing right under the ridge cap and running down the frame inside.

Consequently, the roof is leaking.  Again, that’s not toooooo bad – the ceiling that’s under the worst leak is pretty high on our list of Things To Do If We Ever Have The Money. It’s plywood and was eaten by termites (well, the corner opposite the wet patch was eaten by termites) and overdue for replacement.  (It’s just part of the larger puzzle that involves new gutters, insulation, roof repairs, etc etc etc…)

The sheets of tin lifting in the wind (and pulling the affixing nails out with them) over the laundry/toilet extension of the house (different roof line to the main house) – well, there’s a hand’s width of daylight (such as it is in this gloom!) already.  Eeeek! That’s quite worrying.

One lane of the big highway down the Range has been closed due to a mud and rockslide.

Its’ very, VERY wet.

In other news, I’ve been out of action with stomach/abdomen problems again – fortunately, tonight is prep for the procedures tomorrow.  (icky drink!  Then never more than 2 metres from the loo…) I’m having a gastroscopy and colonoscopy, or as Dad says, an up periscope and a down periscope.  Part of me wants the doctors to find something and tell me why I’m so crook; the other part of me doesn’t want them to find anything wrong.  Arrgh!  In any case, I can’t go on feeling so sick all the damn time.

No pics today: camera is in house and I am down here – and I’m not braving the rain again until I have no choice!

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