Busy Work…

So  – feeling blah still.  But was forced to leave the house to go to Social Cre8te this arvo (otherwise known as playgroup…)

Working on my Junque Journal a la Tangie (the scrapbook paper and exercise book at left of pic)

and in the orange-with-lots-of-stitching-cover is my first Remains of the Day journal from Mary Ann Moss’s class.

(Apologies for flash glare – the other shots had flare from fluoro lights, I’ll try and get better shots in daylight tomorrow)

So – prep for art journals to come, but not much else creative happening.

Found out there is a school reunion in October for my Yr 10 class.  Hmmm, do I want to go?

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  1. Jeaentte Rowe says:

    Yes you do want to come to the reunion, gee thats a funny word..lol Will be great to catch up with each other and have a few drinky poos..lol

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