Linky Dinky Dooo!

Just a quick list of some of my faves:
Teesha Moore (THE Goddess of art journals) (main site) (her blog) (Her you
tube videos start here with making your own journal – but the collage
and lettering ones are AWESOME!)

Kelly Rae (Very different style, very cool – you’ll need to scroll down
to get past all the Christmas stuff and see her art)

Dina Wakley – QUEEN of stencils and masks (and very cool scrapbook
pages, too)

Marsha Jorgensen, Tumble Fish Studio (her stuff looks so complex you’d
think it’s digital but it’s ALL hand cut, coloured, and glues.  Freakin’
amazing.  I wanna be her when I grow up.)

Nancy Baumiller (Crowabout)   – I did a class with her in November and
she’s a cool teacher!  She also gives away a free collage sheet every
week (via Flickr) – the link is in her sidebar.

Different style again (and she’s been in a lot of scrapbooking mags:
Julie Fei Fan Balzer, very cool art journals

Samantha Kira was featured in the most recent issue of Art Journaling
and I love the way her stuff is messy
and honest!

And the digital/hybrid year long “Art Journal Caravan” class I’m doing
via has a gallery here:
(I’m rather intimidated by everyone else’s work there, to be honest!)