One of the Neighbours from Hell – the one with the Houdini Rottweiler (who beats up his other dog frequently); the one with the suspected drug connections (one day a week with lots of short trips out in the car then returning to base… just a BIT suss!) the noisy car driven like a madman, and who in the past has been quite troublesome – has MOVED THE DEAD CAR FROM HIS BACKYARD! It had been there over two years.  He’s also moved another dead car from his carport. And I just saw him – for the first time EVER – spraying the weeds near our fence.

HaPpY DaNcInG – I reckon he’s moving out, don’t you?!

Yeah yeah, I know, better the devil you know – but at least a DIFFERENT devil will be a change.  And I won’t miss him being self-important on his mobile phone in the backyard at all hours of the day or night; nor will I miss him screaming across several house blocks at somebody else’s dog to “SHUDDUP, YA MONGREL!” while he nurses his breakfast beer.

Now, if we could just get the other annoying lot with the psycho (and notified dangerous) dog to move…

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