And it’s baa-aack!

I have done something to my back  ARRGH!  I can hardly move. The worst part is that it’s in a totally new place, one where I haven’t had severe pain before.  DAGNABBIT! Off to the chiro tomorrow (I missed my usual Monday appointment because I was too sick to go.)

In happier news: remember all the hassles we had getting our solar panels and solar hot water installed?  Well, they’re starting to pay off.  For the same time last year our electricity bill was around $350.  This year? FORTY EIGHT DOLLARS. Holey moley shoot the pony, what a difference!  Mostly down to getting rid of the old electric hot water heater (which we now know would have made heating water by burning currency look cheap); but the almost $80 rebate from power our solar panels put back into the grid was lovely too.

And the gas bottle saga continues: When Origin came and filled the bottle, they discovered that it was too close to the solar panel inverter box.  *sigh* (Why the various officials who signed off on the solar didn’t know this I don’t know, but I am MAD AT THEM!)  So we have to pay for a plumber to cut the gas line and move the (now filled) bottle to comply with the regulations, and reconnect the gas. Good news: we picked a plumber and phoned them on Friday- they offered to come round and do a quote  – and they did! And he called before he arrived! And he’s coming back tomorrow to do the job!  So if it turns out well, I’ll let you know who it is, in case any Toowoomba readers need a plumber… the rest of you can just grit your teeth and weep in envy.

Art tomorrow.

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