Jumpin’ Jack Flash…

We ran out of bottled gas on Saturday, just as we were trying to cook tea.  See, we only use it for the cooktop – everything else (including the oven) is electric, so we just don’t use that much gas.

We didn’t realise just how little we used until we were able to connect with the gas company today:

(After climbing the ^!(#&^!* menu tree and the requisite wait:)

“Do you have your customer number?” the Gas Company man asked.

“Um, no, sorry, I can’t find our last bill” I said.

(Then we go through the rigmarole of me proving who I am so I can buy something- gah!)

“Now, if the  company comes out and there is gas on site, you will be charged an $88 fee.”

“Believe me, THERE’S NO GAS!!”

“Right, I’ll just see when your last fill wa…. oh.  Your last fill was in October 2007, that’s over 2 years ago! Obviously we’ll  get someone out there today and we’ll be making sure we schedule more regular deliveries.”

That’s us, the McFrugals.