Happy 2010!

Well, we made it!  (All of us except the Bank of Queensland, whose EFTPOS machines decided that it was 2016 and therefore all cards were expired…)

We had a  fairly uneventful New Years Eve, where I didn’t even last long enough to open the bubbly – I was out like a light by 9 pm. I woke up again after some commotion at the end of the street (very drunken girl and her friends from one of the parties around the place, behaving stupidly ) and again when the roar of “THREE… TWO… ONE… NAPPY YEW HEAR!!!” (or something of the sort) rang out.

For NYE 2000, I believe I was chatting (IRC, oh, how long ago!) with friends online.  And for 1990, I was having a wonderful (ahem!) time under the stars with my delightful dairy farmer, near Corryong … can that really be TWENTY years ago? I feel so old.

I had a fabulous day yesterday – went to Brisbane with friends – long day, but good company and some fun shopping. (Thanks, L and T!)

We went to Photo Continental at Mt Gravatt. Did I think to buy more matte photo paper for my collages? Nope! We got to the scrapbooking side of the shop and spent 2 and a bit hours wandering in a bit of a daze… they had a lot of older lines in stock (which were new to me, since they were before I discovered just how cool scrapbooking supplies are!) and I grabbed some more O-wires for my Bind It All machine at half price. (Yes, I succumbed.  Expect to see LOTS of coil bound books this year!)  I wanted a new alphabet stamp set but decided I’d already spent quite enough…

Then we went to IKEA!  Oh maaaaaaaaaan I love Ikea.  It’s pure fantasy island.  Especially the kitchens (even if some of the display kitchens would take up our whole house, LOL!)  And of course, we had lunch there:

I’m pretty sure that on January 2, 2009, I was having this exact same lunch at the Ikea store in Adelaide!  (We make our own traditions…)

Buys at Ikea: a new kitchen clock, with a sweep second hand so we can see when the battery has run out (D’oh!) for $3.49; a new rubbish bin for $2.99, and a pack of face washers for around $7.  Wins, eh!

Then on to the new Kaisercraft Outlet store at Browns Plains, where I grabbed a couple more sheets of my favourite (old) range, “K-Bots”.  I’m hoping they’ll release it as a digital set soon (although their digital stuff is overpriced, IMHO, compared to the value from places like Scrapbook Graphics, Designer Digitals, Scrap Girls, and Pickleberry Pop.)

And now I must get on with the Art Journal Caravan pages I want to make today.  Our first assignment (and one shared in other places, including the QuiltArt list and Ali Edward’s blog, who links to this very useful worksheet by Christine Kane on discovering your word) is to choose a word we want to inspire us for the year.  (I am NOT into all that “wooooo” stuff about “manifesting” – but I do want to keep this particular word in my heart, mind, life, and art this year.  All will be revealed next post.)

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  1. Marion says:

    Hello Darling!
    I absolutely lurve IKEA, and just yesterday I was thinking that I wanted a kitchen clock, and the only place that I know that sells anything that would withstand the grease in my tiny kitchen (have fan, but is totally ineffective) is Cooking Co-Ordinates (translates to VERY EXPENSIVE ITEMS). I know this for certain, because after my totally self induced peer group pressure to have the same cooking equipment that Julia Child had (brainwashed by the movie), I discovered the prices of copper cookware. Anyway, I have borrowed the clock from Alex's room while he is away at camp. AND being the clever cook that I am, I found the distributer in Australia for the copper cookware, and ordered direct, saving $$$!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!


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