Phew! Next!

Happy Christmas to those who celebrated. I managed to avoid saying that AT ALL yesterday (although Mr Beloved did utter it once, to my parents in The Christmas Phone Call.)

We had a Very Geeky Christmas: our internet provider had a quota free day and I was able to snag an abso-bloody-lutely GINORMOUS set of digital scrapbooking stuff – well over a gig.  Took about 7 hours.

Not something I would have been able to do at all, usually – and what’s more, I had a coupon (from joining Tangie’s Art Journal Caravan) so it didn’t cost me financially, either!  WOOOT! 9 kits of different colours, some repeats, but – what a resource! Now I just need to find a way (that works with Linux) of organising/tagging my digital scrapbooking stuff – there’s too much to just try and remember what was in which kit.

Any suggestions?

Mr Beloved was very patient and late in the day he was able to download a rare Brain Eno and Robert Fripp live recording, so he was happy too.

[start whinge here] Our internet usage is a constant source of angst: every month, we run out of quota, but because we’re on a grandfathered plan we get Such A Deal. And given that our internet access is via ancient copper with dirty old corroded lead joins, which tends to be unreliable at best and non existent if we get enough rain, there’s not a lot of point in trying to buy more bandwidth.  Grrrr.  The exchange is “Scheduled to be enabled for ADSL2” by our ISP but they’ve been saying that for a couple of years now. (And of course, that won’t fix our phone line…) I am so envious of US friends and other people who have unlimited access! [end whinge]

I’m seriously looking at investing in that Bind It All machine… it would be super cool to have journals the size I want with the papers I want and with a coil binding – I COULD make sewn journals, yes, but I really want to make loose pages of various papers into a book to use.  Many books, actually.   But I can’t buy it from the (possibly cheaper, local  megacraftstore place) S***Shite, because what if I need warranty service or help? They’d be bloody useless.

Anyone got one and have advice to offer?

And in sad news: The Sacred Hot Water Bottle of Happiness perished.  Long Live the Sacred Hot Water Bottle of Happiness.  *sigh* For now I am making do with a coke bottle filled with hot water, wrapped in a sock (!)  but it’s nowhere near as effective, of course.  On Monday we shall hold the coronation of the new Sacred Hot Water Bottle of  Happiness, with due pomp and ceremony. These things are important.