There is much HaPpY dAnCiNg at the house of Caitymakes today: the new issue of Somerset’s Art Journaling arrived! WHEEEEE!

It’s so exciting to see stuff from bloggers I read all the time as well as  people who are completely new to me.  I didn’t get much past the first flick through before I had to dive into my art supplies… don’t you just love it when that happens?

Also VERY high on the hApPy DaNcInG list today: Mum and Dad bought me THIS (well, they gifted the money, which I chose to use for this, *mwah* thanks!)

[clicky to go to the Art Journal Caravan blog]

As soon as I can work out how to get the blinkie working, you” see a link over on my sidebar there. I’m super happy about this because it’s designed to combine digital and physical stuff, (or can just be one or the other) and Tangie is an AWESOME designer! Starts January 1, but you can join anytime, and it’s 52 weeks worth – oh bliss!

If I can sit up today I’m, hoping to start work on a cover for my expedition journal.

The “if” is because – dagnabbit – the PAIN IS BACK.  Yep, the exact same endometriosis type pain, lower abdominal, radiating down to my knees and through my lower back – in other words, the same sort of pain I had every bloody month until the relief of the TAHBSO (job lot clearance of all the girly internal bits) op.

Went to the doc yesterday, who agreed that yes, the eating fatty foods then doubling over in pain an hour or so later is very likely gall bladder related, but easily solved: don’t eat fatty foods. Duh. The possible return of the endo (coming soon to a theatre near you: Gutwars Part II: The Endo Strikes Back)  (ewww!) will have to wait for the Feb appt with the very nice gyno doc.

I haven’t yet decided what format the journal will take – at this stage I’m leaning towards a box full of separate, differently sized pages which will eventually (when I have *sob, please, I want one sooooooo much* one of these – and to continue this dreadfully parenthetic entry, I *could* theoretically go buy one in the  next fortnight, but I am trying to carefully carefully carefully shepherd the wonderful parental gift $ Just In Case … (Miss Constance needs to go to the vet again, or Something Else Dire happens.) where was I?  Oh yeah – loose pages, varying sizes, eventually bound together.  Yep.

Only problem I can see with that is the possibility probability that I will lose pages, or be tempted to chuck the ones I’m not 100% happy with. Both of which would be Bad and Not At All In The Spirit Of The Thing.

Right, I’m off to see if Mr Beloved will make me some lunch (whiiiiiine!) and refill the Sacred Hot Water Bottle of Happiness. These things are important.

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4 Responses to Inspired…

  1. Warty Mammal says:

    I'm so sorry about the pain. It sounds simply ghastly.

    • Caitlin says:

      Thanks, T – I’m am so ready to be DONE WITH IT!! What they don’t tell you when you get a TAHBSO, part # 379 in a continuing series: it doesn’t fix everything. D’OH!

  2. WMN says:

    I have never seen anyone as sick as you are…….I have survived breast cancer and heart failure (from chemotherapy) and still manage to make it to work everyday.

    • Caitlin says:

      Well bully for you, anonymous from Comcast Philadelphia. Obviously they’ve removed your tact and compassion at some stage…

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