Housekeeping; 2 and a half journal pages.

Well, BLOG housekeeping – you didn’t think I’d suddenly developed a passion for actual housekeeping, did you?  I mean, in our house the dust buffaloes have NAMES and GRANDCHILDREN.

You might notice (if you’re reading the actual blog, rather than an RSS feed) that I’ve finally got around to adding some things back in over there ———————————> in the right hand column. My Yahoo avatar (did you know Toowoomba has several croquet clubs?  Steaming towards the 19th century, we are, oh my!) and my long neglected Shelfari list have been updated.  And some links.

Speaking of links – without sounding toooo gushing, there are some bloggers who are so awesome that I had difficulty deciding how to label the group.  “Who I wanna be When I Grow Up”? Not quite right.  “I am a Total FanGirl of these Bloggers” is accurate but a bit long…

Anyway, on to other matters.

It’s been quiet on the home front, with only increased security rounds of the commercial premises across the road and some newly boarded up windows to show for Monday night’s excitement.   But it’s truly the silly season and I expect we’ll have some hoon related drama before too long…

Speaking of Christmas, I am SO OVER IT!  As an atheist household, we don’t really do Christmas… but as this is the first year we’ve really been “out” as atheists, we’re still adjusting.  I’m happy that other people want to celebrate, fine, send Christmas cards, do whatever – but I am sick unto DEATH of Christmas music.  And crowds.  *shudder* I don’t like crowds at the best of times, but add in carpark rage, congested shops full of people desperately buying tat that will go in the rubbish by the end of next week… Ugh.

[clicky for biggy]

I had another “oops,I slept all day” day today.  (wow, that’s awkward, with those three “days” in there!)  And I’m still tired.  Ridiculous!

Here’s another art journal page, this one only just started:

[click.big. yada yada.]

Miss Constance J Woodle’s eye problem seems to be mostly cleared up after a week of eye ointment (ick!) but she is back in the hated elizabethan collar because she’s chewed the pad of her right from paw to bloodiness.  ARRRGH!!  I’ve been putting anti-fungal ointment on it but if it’s not cleared up by Monday she’ll be back at the vet.  Again.  (yes, I’ve checked thoroughly that there wasn’t a grass seed or something similar stuck in her paw to cause the irritation – I think it’s just one of the joys of having a furry hound, and let’s not even go into the eyelashes problems that poodles can get…)


I’ll probably put more colour over the white dots yet…

And you? What are all of Y’all up to, hmmm?

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2 Responses to Housekeeping; 2 and a half journal pages.

  1. Warty Mammal says:

    I hear you, sister.

    I am so. Sick. Of the Christmas advertising. I'm looking forward to just seeing some nice penis enlargement ads for a change.

    • Caitlin says:

      As Mr Beloved says, bring on the “Back to School” Catalogs, cos that means the holidays are nearly OVER!! Oh wait – your school year is September, isn’t it?

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