Apparently the average consumption is 9 pounds, not 8 kilos, I got that wrong – it’s still a ridiculous amount of LIPSTICK to eat!

It’s too darn hot  –  and no Ann Miller tapping on the coffee table around here!

Had a HUUUUGEE fight with the bestie over something I wrote on facebook.  Me and my big mouth/fingers, eh? In my defence, I mentioned NO NAMES.   This is what I wrote:

Sad today – lost a friendship, I think. Probably gone a while ago, but I really noticed it today. (Yeah, I’m an Aspie, I don’t READ signs well, ok? JUST TELL ME!!)

Hmmmm. And no amount of saying I’m sorry seems to help.  And never mind that it could EASILY have applied to more than one person… and that I did in fact have a misunderstanding with a friend online that same day.

Don’t know what to do there.

So it’s been an … interesting …week.  Constance J. Woodle had another visit to the vet, and her blood test (pancreatic lipase) came back as NORMAL, yay!  But now she might have an allergy to GRASS.

GRASS!  She’s a dog! Where else is she going to walk and pee? Bloody GRASS!!

And the treatment (large shots of cortisone) can’t be given to dogs with … yep, pancreatitis.  Poor little darling, she’s having a rough trot.  But she’s almost back to normal (so long as “normal” no longer includes being able to eat anything at all interesting.)

What I’ve been reading lately:

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbary.  I know this book has had RAVE reviews on many blogs I read; whih often makes me reluctant to read something.  But –  this lives up to the hype.  I would love to know if it can possibly be as elegant and erudite and charming in the original Klingon French (sorry, too many years with Trekkies) – one of my favourite books of the year and one I sincerely DON’T WANT HOLLYWOOD TO GET because they would stuff it right up and probably change the ending and that would spoil THE WHOLE THING.

*deep breath*

And a gem from my book boxes (these are the squintillions of books that haven’t made it to shelves yet, despite our best efforts) – Marie Curie by Eve Curie My copy is the 1946 edition and is quite badly foxed, but still readable. Something of a hagiography, but a good basic history – I’m itching to read more about Madame Curie.

OK, I am off to play art journals… see ya later!

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  1. Caity my sweet,
    you get bonus points for
    having 'hagiography' as a working part of your vocabulary
    and using it correctly
    I do try not to 'dumb down' the blog but there are some words that I probably won't ever use in print again and that's one of them :]
    [ probably last used for an English Lit essay at college and I can't remember who the heck I was writing about ]

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