Today I slept all day. And I mean ALL DAY – went to bed at around 11pm last night, woke up at 7:30 pm this evening.  Mr Beloved had to do all the errands scheduled for today.  He made me lunch and I fell asleep eating it! *sigh* So much for my theory that I could get away with keep on going after a chiropractic treatment – I did that yesterday, and paid the price today.

But my lower back is slowly improving, so yay!

Went to lunch with friends on Sunday – none of us remembered to take a photo, how slack! It was lovely to see everyone… somehow we don’t seem to all be able to get together terribly often, I think the last time was in MAY!  Where did the year go?

Other than that… been pottering around doing stuff:


thinking of pink elephants

too much on my mind

Tomorrow I have to work on a digital scrap booking page for the Digidares – I want that freebie, LOL!

So, that’s about it from me for today…

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  1. I really like your journal pages, such a nice change from the usual carefully arranged scrapbook stuff, which I find really boring. Your work has life!

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