Grrr.  Haven’t slept yet. Not happy.  Been awake since  – hmmm, got woken up at 5:45 yesterday morning (after 3 hours of sleep) by some IDIOT across the road thinking that because HE was at work, everyone in the suburb should be up and at ’em too.  Slept through to about 9:30, then slept again to about 2 pm… and awake all damn night.

And of course tonight is the ONE night when I actually want to go out (to the local scrapbooking shop for play night)! Oh well.

Hoping the chiro treatment today lets me crash for a few hours.  I actually have to go for at least a 10 minute walk after each appointment, so that all the manipulation doesn’t just settle straight back in to the bad places.

Outside there is the lightest of misting rains, so gentle… a grey morning.  Broken by the ^&*($$**^ neighbour’s psycho dog (yes, it’s officially a Bad Dog, according to the local Council).

See, I was TRYING to be positive…


I haven’t been taking photos lately.  Will try to remedy that.  The camera is one of the gazillion things I lug around in my handbag, but I’m not inspired.  Bloody depression.

Time for my thyroid pill.