What I’ve been doing…

So, I’ve been doing a collage class with the WONDERFULLY talented Nancy B (aka CROWABOUT) and it’s been huge fun!  The kitchen table is a mess and the floors are covered with teeny scraps of cut paper but I’ve been enjoying working with actual physical paper again.

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Today was pretty hot – around 37.4 at the computers before we shut them down.  And Summer’s not even “officially” here yet! I slept through most of the hottest part of the day: I’m finding that on the days I have chiropractic treatment, I just CRASH OUT.  Apparently that’s normal – but gosh it’s disconcerting!  I’m not complaining, mind you, since it’s the best sleep I get all week.


(again, clicky for biggy, and apologies for the bad scan – this book is so distended that it’s about to BURST!)

This page isn’t finished yet.. needs a lot more pen work/ doodles. It’s a true story though – I won’t name the very senior person in the Uniting Church  (at the time) involved in the conversation, but it was the start of the end of my belief.

In other news:

Constance J Woodle continues to improve BUT is still pretty much refusing her Special Food.  We figure she’s got a pretty big hump to live on (as do we all, oops!) and so the reduced intake isn’t too much of an issue. (The Vet agrees.)

I have *sob* officially quit the gym.  What with swine flu and the thyroid thang, it hasn’t been a good 6 months for exercise, and I have to allocate the gym money to paying off the debt from Connie’s treatment. Gotta do a lot more walking!

Oh, and I am DEFINITELY on thyroid replacement pills for the rest of my life.  The thyroid is BUNG.  But good news – the dosage is right. Bad news? Any memory loss now is NOT due to thryoid dumbing-down-ness…


Oh, I have been awful about not updating my Shelfari list!  In fact, haven’t even got it up here yet, have I?! I am reading library books mostly, since I’ve already read everything we own (duh!)

I Blame Duchamp by Edmund Capon: reading this in bed just won’t do – there are too many images referred to that I am unfamilar with, and so I have to read this with an internet connection open and google ready to go.  The pictures that ARE in the book are beautifully produced, as is the quality of this book overall.  *sigh* I’d own this one if I could!  Great writing, opinionated and learned – just the way I like it.

Last night (in sheer desperation at having Nothing To Read) I started to re-read The Hill by Ray Rigby (I didn’t know til I went to look for a link that it had been made into a movie starring Sean Connery – wow!).  Brutal, but great writing. Probably not the best thing to be reading on a stinking hot night, though, since it’s set in a punishment camp in the desert (Egypt in the book, Libya in the film) and the mentions of thirst are tormenting.

The Magicians by Lev Grossman:  Undecided how to review this one: in some ways it’s a grown up (well, only slightly so, college age) version of Harry Potter – a magical school, yada yada… but could be considered allegorical.  Hmmm.

Chalcot Crescent by Fay Weldon: A favourite author. This is near future dystopia at its most imaginable…  all too plausible.

There have been numerous others, of course, but  – meh.  Mostly forgettable.

Ok, I’m off to see if the house has cooled down enough to let us sleep…

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