We got our baby girl back yesterday arvo!!

She’s still not completely well, and because she’s now had such an acute case of pancreatitis she has to be monitored carefully.  Back to the vet for more blood work next week; and a very special diet ($3.20 per can OUCH!) which has to be low fat.  She can still have broccoli and carrot (which she loves!) but no more corn 🙁 and she gets to eat boiled chicken and rice (not sure we cna afford to ALL eat that well, LOL!

BUT she’s much brighter and back to her smiley self today.  (And so is her Daddy – we worked out he’s NEVER been separated from her before for more than about 6 hours at a time – I’ve been away for various trips but he’s stayed here, so he was really lost without his girl.)

It’s been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG week… and The Austerity Drive has begun. Nearly $1000 of vet bills later, we will be doing without a lot of “luxuries” like biscuits and soft drinks and magazines and going out for coffees for a long time yet.

But she’s worth every penny.

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2 Responses to SHE’S HOME!

  1. Chriss says:

    Poor little Constance! And poor you guys! Its all very scary and hard on both sides. But she will be better soon and probably needs a little walkies to keep her weight down. She is one beautiful puppy. Hope she is home soon.

  2. jobeaz says:

    I am so glad she's home and kinda ok. Our poodle has been unwell and at the vet also, but he is home again now and feeling better also. Oh, the things -$$$$$- we do for love!!

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