Update on Constance J. Woodle

You know we don’t have human kids, right, and that Connie is our baby girl? We’re both finding having her in hospital quite traumatic! So I suspect it was more for our benefit than hers that the vet suggested we pop in to visit her this arvo (What? it was only the 2nd time I’d phoned to check on her today, I thought I’d been remarkably restrained.)

She’s hooked up to an IV pump, and has a sign saying ” I BITE!!” in big red letters on her door.  She nipped the junior vet nurse today (Dr Bob was less than sympathetic,  the girl obviously needs to learn to read!) but didn’t draw blood.  I reckon the poor pup is only about as grumpy as I was last time in hospital …

Anyway, she was very glad to see us, and even happier when she got to be cuddled on Daddy’s shoulder – her favourite place in the whole world.  Put her little head down and snuggled. Lots of kisses for us both.

She hasn’t vomited or had diarrhoea all day today – very good signs.  She’s been given long acting antibiotics and regular pain medication.  Still refusing to eat her special food (but hey, she does that at home sometimes too – she’ll eat when no one’s watching and she’s hungry enough.)  Oh, and she’s spent most of the day glaring RESENTFULLY at everyone in the room.

So she’s doing a lot better but still not out of the woods yet.  At least another coupla days in hospital.

Guess who’s going to be selling off whatever spare sewing machines she can?  Anyone want a Sinnger model 221 featherweight (one still on American voltage, one for Australian) an Elna SU, or a Pfaff Expression 2034? Make me an offer… I wonder if I should put an ad in the sewing guild newsletter?

It’s been very hot here today – around 36 degrees. No computer use during that sort of heat – the computers can’t cope and it’s just not pleasant to be working on them.  So I had a big sleep (catching up from night of worry) and cut out lots of bits and pieces for collage.  Found I was being too literal in what I was cutting out until I remembered the trick of turning the magazines upside down so your eye sees colour and pattern, rather than assigning objects to what you see.  Neat, huh?

OK I think it’s cooled down enough to go eat tea…

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2 Responses to Update on Constance J. Woodle

  1. jobeaz says:

    oh, so sorry to hear about constance, as a fellow poodle owner, my thoughts are with you, and I hope she comes home soon.

  2. catsmum says:

    I rang my sewing machine collector friend and he suggested that you should not accept less than $380 for either of the featherweights – and that is basically rock bottom price in the current market.
    This is the guy who bought me a featherweight as a 50th birthday pressie { !!!!!!! ] and he knows his stuff.

    all our love to Ms Connie Woodle

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