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{click for big} Started this Friday night, the lettering took AGES! Slept all day today after the chiro – missed phone calls, didn’t get errands done – but my neck and back needed it. Desperately awaiting midnight tomorrow when we … Continue reading

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The Santa Tantrum Awards…

I was alerted to this by an online friend -it’s PRICELESS!! From the San Francisco Chronicle: The Fifth Annual Santa Tantrum Awards! (I especially like that there are “Bonus points if the department store Santa looks like he’s in physical … Continue reading

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Apparently the average consumption is 9 pounds, not 8 kilos, I got that wrong – it’s still a ridiculous amount of LIPSTICK to eat! It’s too darn hot  –  and no Ann Miller tapping on the coffee table around here! … Continue reading

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Today I slept all day. And I mean ALL DAY – went to bed at around 11pm last night, woke up at 7:30 pm this evening.  Mr Beloved had to do all the errands scheduled for today.  He made me … Continue reading

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GRUMPY BUM attempts to redeem herself; Anna Bartlett; fire stuff

Well, wasn’t *I* a grumpy bum last post?  Sorry about that, folks. I eventually cancelled my appointments for the day and got back to sleep. Hey , guess what? I won a little package from the INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL Anna Bartlett … Continue reading

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Grrr.  Haven’t slept yet. Not happy.  Been awake since  – hmmm, got woken up at 5:45 yesterday morning (after 3 hours of sleep) by some IDIOT across the road thinking that because HE was at work, everyone in the suburb … Continue reading

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BOOK LUST! (Tim Burton hero worship)”

I know I won’t be alone in wishing for this: PLUS there’s new images in his gallery AND a you tube about his upcoming exhibition at MOMA.  It opens TODAY and runs til April 26, and if I happen to … Continue reading

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What I’ve been doing…

So, I’ve been doing a collage class with the WONDERFULLY talented Nancy B (aka CROWABOUT) and it’s been huge fun!  The kitchen table is a mess and the floors are covered with teeny scraps of cut paper but I’ve been … Continue reading

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Bwaa haaa haaaa!

Mr Beloved sent me the link to this – I laughed SO HARD! Expect some RIVETING photos from me soon… Miss Constance J Woodle is continuing to recover, thank you for all your good wishes.  Cost us another $100 today  … Continue reading

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We got our baby girl back yesterday arvo!! She’s still not completely well, and because she’s now had such an acute case of pancreatitis she has to be monitored carefully.  Back to the vet for more blood work next week; … Continue reading

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