Digital Card for my baby brother

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[clicky for biggy – reduced size and pixels for web, unfortunately, the original is MUCH clearer!]

All papers and elements from the Steampunk kit by Maya from; except the fish, which is from Itkupilli’s Steampunk & Skellies digital design kit. (Why did I add the fish? I don’t need – it just needed to be there!)

Hard to believe my baby brother will be 37 on Monday… he was so very very sick when he was born, had his first major operation at just 8 hours old (and that was after being flown in the air abulance from country NSW to Sydney).  He developed cardiomyopathy a couple of years back after a severe bout of flu (who knew that flu could trigger an underlying condition? We didn’t!)  But these days he’s doing ok – it helps that his wonderful wife is a specialist nurse in echocardiography (I hope I got what she does right…)

My brother was always very close to our sister – they were “the little two”.  He’s a brilliant man, very smart, funny, clever with his hands, and does a great job being Dad to his 18 year old son.  Did I mention musical? He’s that too.


(I don’t think he reads the blog, but the sentiment remains.)

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  1. I like what you've been doing with your digital scrapping. It isn't something I want to try, which I suppose makes it all the more interesting to see what you do with it.

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