DigiDare #152

I’m lovin’ how The Digi Dares push me forwards! Oh yeah!

The Dare:
YES, NO, two simple but powerful words, each with their own meaning. Have you ever had a moment where you said, or at least thought, “yes” but meant “no”? Or the other way round? That you said “yes” only because you felt pressured? Or said “no” to that job offer because it was on the end of the country? Or maybe when you had to tell that little white lie because you wanted someone’s day to be a little brighter? I want you to tell about one of those moments.

The Flairs:
– Photo or not, that is up to you
– Use both YES and NO at least once on your layout, in your journaling, your title, anywhere
– They can not be written in the same font or alpha
– I want you to use neutral colors and a little pop of color
– Go ahead and grab a brush/stamp, be it a doodle, an alpha or swirl

digidare 152 web

So – the template is ChrissyW’s Freebie #32, and the paper and all the elements are from ChrissyW’s “Sew Cute” mini kit from Elemental Scraps; except for the sitting skeleton which is a new brush I made from an old illustration out of the Encyclopaedia of Illustration – no, I’m not getting up to check the details, grrrmph. And the “Fragile Don’t Crush ” brush is from somewhere on the interwubs, fair dinkum, I don’t know HOW  anyone manages to keep all this stuff labelled and organised!! Sorry whoever it is, when I remember I will give you proper credit. (Obsidian Dawn, perhaps? Oh crikey, must get my shit TOGETHER!!) Fonts are Inked God and CatShop.

Me, working in neutrals – yeah, I’m shocked, too! It was really hard to get going because of that.  But once I decided to include pictures from the Chiropractor’s report, I had the pop of colour I needed to work with .

My heart (and body!) are saying YES to chiropractic treatment while my mind is saying NO… but my compromise is that it’s worth trying. ANYTHING is worth trying if I can get my pain levels back to manageable and get back to exercising – ewwwwww that photo of me makes me CRINGE!

What do you think? I really like that I used a digital kit that I bought to use for sewing layouts for something so NOT sewing related!

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One Response to DigiDare #152

  1. Sandra says:

    The way you described the how and what, your thought process, the whole coming-together of this awesome piece, I just had to smile 🙂
    I love how you symbolically portrayed your spine with the ruler, fab page!
    Thanks for playing!

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