A DigiDare


So I’m stretching myself, trying to make interesting journal pages etc DIGITALLY.. I used  Digidare #151 (they give you a topic, colour to include, etc) to kick start this one.

(I’m still working on how to get this to looks ok online – tell me if it’s unreadable, please?)

Hoping to paint some backgrounds later today – we were woken this morning by the koels (still no sign of rain, dammit, stupid birds!) and the incessant barking of the bad neighbour’s @$!%&^#!! dogs. AGAIN. Grrrr.

The fine print:  Background is a scanned section of what Mr Beloved calls my “splat boards” – the paper I keep underneath the current painting project – often these turn out cooler than the page I’m working on!  I knocked the colour right back so it wouldn’t intrude.  Template was a freebie from Designs by Sine, and the papers were mine except for the pink one (from the freebie mini kit Girl Time by Meredith at Elemental Scraps) and the green graph paper from Katie Pertiet’s Notebook Pages #2, available at Designer Digitals. Butterfly brushes (stamps) from Blah Blah Blahg (*mwah!* Love that blog!)

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  1. Really, Really lovely! I love the colours – I think it is beautiful and I love the butterflies!!!

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