Mmmm… ahem… cough cough….

The article is from the September issue of Artisan Notebook. Fabulous (digital) magazine – if I only had the bandwidth left, I’d be getting the October issue too!

Must. Learn. Patience….

and to clean up my MESS! I am trying to fix the digital piles of stuff first, with hope that will inspire me to tackle the physical layers that seem to accumulate wherever I go.

(Am I the only creative type that battle this constantly? How do YOU manage all the STUFF?)

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  1. AHAAAAAH!!!!!!

    Now I know who I can bundle up and send all my scrapbooking magazines to!


    Next pay they’re on their way (if you want them). Even if it’s just for a look see and then pass them on.

    I have discovered that I am far more happy making cards in the paper realm, rather than scrapping per sey. The mags are good for design principles….



  2. This looks very familiar. My possessions are like a sort of mildew that spreads all over the furniture.

    My magazine organization thing is a work in progress, but goes sort of like this:

    – Every two or three weeks, gather up magazines from floor/furniture/nightstand and file them in the hall closet
    – Every six months or so, loan a batch of magazines to a girlfriend. Yes, there are some I won't loan because I want to be sure I have every copy forever (LOL!). She in turn may loan me a pile of something.
    – When the loaned batch comes back, I sit at the table with a cup of tea, thumb through the articles, and make a keep/no keep decision. In the process, I make note of projects I really want to try and put those magazine on the top of the pile. I was startled to learn how much my tastes have changed the last time I did this.
    – The no-keepers get sent to a new household via Freecycle. The keepers go back in the hall closet.

    One thing I'm thinking of doing, but haven't, is seeing if I can coordinate magazine subscriptions with one or two other people. I.E. I subscribe to Fiberarts, maybe they subscribe to something else, and we all trade.

    Okay. That was long winded of me. You know, it's probably just easier to make a pile of them by the bed.

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