A digital ATC for Collage Play with Crowabout, shopping in Brissy

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(clicky for VERY biggy if you want to..)

An entirely digital ATC made from elements that the lovely Nancy shared on Collage Play with Crowabout this week.  I might try printing out some of these if anyone wants one…

So yeah, I’m still kind of obsessed with this digital image manipulation stuff.  I’m learning HEAPS! Not least that this can be a total time sucker – I think “I’ll just try doing this” and I look up to find half an hour has passed.  Oops!

What I’m really looking forward to is getting hold of the family pics – Mum said she’ll post some boxes of slides up, then I’ll scan them and put the scans onto disks so Mum and Dad can watch the disks on the TV, and choose which pictures they’d like to get printed.  And I get to keep digital copies of all the pics I want – talk about your win-win!

I’m still very tired today after the big trip to Brissie yesterday – had a brilliant time with Sue and Lynn (who has just started a blog but I can’t find it!) – and fell asleep (snored!) on the way home in Sue’s car.  The highlight of the day (apart from being with good sewing buddies!) was spending time looking at FANTABULOUS fabrics at Beth-Wyn Couture Fabrics – upstairs in the Brisbane Arcade, just off the Queen Street Mall.2009_10_13_Sue and Lynn at Bethwyn

[click for big, and sorry about the red eyes!]

We all got some bargains – utterly GORGEOUS fabric at such-a-deal prices… I restricted myself to one piece of silk for a little cami top.  (I haven’t washed the fabric yet because of the dreadful dust here again today… and yes, I will wash it in the super-special-Seri Care wash!)

Back to bed for me very soon, I think.  The thyroid medicine has made a big difference but doesn’t fix the other underlying conditions…

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