Hello, come on in!


Come in, come in, don’t mind the boxes, still unpacking here, you know…

Can I get you a coffee? Tea? Water?

Why did I move? Oh, you know, the old place was just cramping my style.  Oh yeah, I still quilt, but “Caityquilter” just wasn’t the best fit anymore.  Don’t you think “Caity Makes …” is much better?  Lots roomier, better light, and I love the new storage space over here!

So – it might take me a while to settle in here, but I’m hoping the move will help me get things organised.  I reckon you need to move every so often just to sort out the clutter, keep what you REALLY need to keep. And of course there will be weeks of moving the furniture around until I get it just right.

“Caityquilter” will still keep going for a little while and I’ll leave that site live, but this is where I’ll be from now on.

9 Replies to “Hello, come on in!”

  1. It’s good to have a fresh start every now and then…. People grow and our interests change, why not our blogs? I myself am on my third blog, I think. It took me a while to figure out what I enjoyed writing about.

    1. Thanks, Ms. M – One of my nicknames is “Easily Distracted Girl” – so I think the general title of “Caity Makes…” is far more apt!

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