A breakthrough for Emma!

imageEmma had her very first time playing with another dog… Through the fence, but she played! Such a big breakthrough for our girl. The big blonde boy belongs to the people who own next door, who are renovating the place to sell after Drunketta did a midnight flit.


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What was that, dear?

imageEmma got her first deer antler yesterday arvo. After an hour of solid chewing, not a mark on it! This could be the best chewing investment yet!

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Oh noes!

Oh noes!

Oh noes!

Something has gone drastically WRONG with my site and all my posts from last year have been lost! Hoping that we can restore them… If not, will have to grin and write a summary of the annus horribilus (spelling?! Too late at night to care!)

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Ten years already.


My beautiful sister, Jenny Miller

18 January 1971 – 19 February 2005

Always loved, never forgotten.

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In which the earth moves…


20150205_161632Well, Connie is doing better. Her fur is growing back. Her enthusiasm for going to the park is even stronger.

She’s jumping on to the bed by herself most times now, something she had lost recently.  There’s still danger with this medicine, it can cause harm on its own, but so far it’s been positive…

Meanwhile, after spending $$$$ getting the car serviced last fortnight, today Mr Beloved got locked inside the car when the driver’s side door lock actuator failed! Luckily he was able to drive to our mechanic and turn himself into a contortionist to to get out. (the mechanic later explained the real trick of doing it which would have been much kinder to his poor old much abused back, but we’ll know if it ever happens again…) Anyway, the part is ordered, and for a mere! $500 we’ll be all fixed up tomorrow. With bugger all public transport here, not having a car isn’t an option, and we try to keep the mileage down – in fact, when we got it serviced, the workshop manager asked “does your car sit a lot?” We asked why and he said ” because there were a lot of spiders under there. A LOT.”

Our other excitement today was being woken up at just before 2 am by an earthquake! The actual quake was way up the coast from us, near Eidsvold and it was a 5.2, but what happened here was that the cockatiels went into a bird panic (not that unusual) so Mr Beloved and Connie got up to look after them; then I got up to go to the loo and WHOOOAAAA the whole house moved east to west then east to west again like the washing machine spin cycle was really out of kilter and realllllllllly strong and I said to Mr B ” the whole house just moved!” But he just wanted to get back to bed and sleep and said “I didn’t feel anything” so I thought I was imagining it, I was very upset! First thing when I woke up this morning I asked him “did anyone else in Toowoomba feel an earthquake?” And YES, even down to Brisbane! So I wasn’t crazy after all. At least, not about the earthquake. I don’t  remember ever feeling one before, it was really freaky.

My university course has finally gone live on the site, just as well since the first day is March 3! Yes, I’m doing my usual panic about it, even though in my session today with the Very Helpful Psychologist we talked about being kinder to myself. *sigh* its a work in progress .

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She’s doing well

At the park


Connie’s test came back positive for Cushings disease, and she’s started on trilostaine – a medicine that comes with the warning to wear gloves when we give it to her. Her energy seems better, though, and she’s on a greatly reduced dose of insulin. We won’t really know how things are until the next lot of blood tests, but she’s happier, wants to go for walks in the park, and is back to being Little Miss Independent trying (and often managing) to jump up onto the bed by herself, which would seem to indicate that the treatment is helping with strength in her back legs.

A number of people have commented on our walks in the park that “you’d never know she was blind” and apart from the occasional overshoot when she jumps (!) onto her ottoman at home, or nose crashes into the gate in her over eagerness to get to the car, they’d be right. We don’t take her to the off leash area where there are lots of other dogs, but the occasional small dog owner or child she greets is surprised when I say “she’s blind”.

Early days yet, but hopeful.


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Connie update



(Photo taken before Connie lost her sight… Her eyes are like little mirrors now.)

So Connie had her blood glucose curve again yesterday… Still no improvement. But the vet thinks she knows why. It could be that Connie also has Cushings disease (a slow growing tumour of the gland which controls cortisols, managable with the right medicine). Apparently this is common in older smaller white fluffies (poodles, maltese, westies, shihtzus), and does co-occur with diabetes. We’ll know more after the very expensive blood test on Tuesday.

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so 2014 happened…

And let’s just say that we’re kinda glad that 2015 is here, huh? University was ok, but I was very stressed ( goal this year: learn to do this with LESS STRESS) and then I was sick for the middle 6 weeks of semester 2 with influenza type B. Somewhere in here Connie had pancreatitis really severely again. Then I had a big tooth out in hospital which took a looooooot longer to heal than I thought it would… I spent a lot of time feeling very miserable.

Attractive look, no?


Anyway, we eventually got to the end of the semester, with the help of extensions on work due from a very kind lecturer. And I got a good mark (but I still haven’t read her comments on my essay, that’s how much has been going on since and how completely OVER it I was by the time I submitted the work!)

And then our beloved Connie got sick. There was just something… Not Right. We rushed her to the vets and found out she had diabetes and had to start on insulin right away. A couple of days later she was completely blind.




ConnieShe’s coping remarkably well. Better than us. Her blood glucose levels still aren’t stable (she spends another day at the vet tomorrow for an all day blood glucose curve reading) but she’s still happy and playful, so we’re hoping we can get the right dose of insulin worked out for her to make the best of what she has left of her life. She’s ten and a half- if she hadn’t had those two bad bouts of pancreatitis we might have had a couple of extra years of our wonderful girl; as it is, every day is a bonus.

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Because housework is silly anyway

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Just about to go to class….

Here I am, off to Gothic Stories:Terror over Time.    See ya later!

Waiting for class

Waiting for class

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