Let’s see if I can remember how to do this…

So here I am, in my (newish) multifocals, (still sorta getting used to them) and my new favourite brooch, Philbert the Fairy Wren from Edenki (her Etsy store, the maker’s name is Eden). The photo doesn’t do him justice, he really is quite spectacular!

Also,  I’m trying to do this on my iPad instead of the computer and quite frankly, it’s a pain in the behind. The iPad is useful for reading but for other thing? Frustration city! Arrrrgh! Add to that a very unreliable hosting site and… well. We are definitely making some changes when it’s time to renew.

Emmalumpdogg continues to be an excellent Dogg. Mr Beloved is working on his own project. And I need to work on sorting out the sewing room so I can sew again.

So that, as someone with a much more regular schedule than mine once said, is all the news that’s fit to print, for now.

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A long time between posts!

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve mostly been posting over on Facebook. But I’ve just starting working on a long abandoned Unfinished Object quilt that I am determined to finish, so I’ve decided it’s a good time to drag out the blog. 

So here I am. In new spectacles (multifocals, I should have got them at least a year ago… it’s a learning curve, and my eyes get tired because I’m still working out how to really “run” them, but so much better than constantly being in the wrong glasses!). A bit greyer and wrinklier of eye than last time you saw me. Still battling the FODMAP issues (although mostly with more success, these days). 

Emmalumpdogg and Mr Beloved continue to take their early walks, the housework continues to be a low priority…and a decent cuppa is always a Good Thing. 

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Low FODMAP misery, but happy Emmalumpdogg.

So I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy, which were as much fun as they usually are (read: not much, but glad to have them over with) and I’m now on a very restricted, low FODMAP diet. What the heck is that, you ask!?  FODMAPs are basically things that the gut doesn’t deal with well, so things like fruit sugars that ferment, beans, lactose malabsorption. Fun stuff. So I’m off all sorts of foods for 6 weeks, including all wheat, and on lactose free milk only, and have a huge list of things I can and can’t eat. The idea is then we gradually introduce a challenge food at a time and see how I react.


Anyway. Emmalumpdogg is enjoying herself. Although last week this happened image

that was fun. Mostly though she is very good, although Big!Blue!Ball! Is not as solid as we thought, it has been punctured by the mighty teeth of Emma and she can now carry it around, which makes her very happy.image

Mr Beloved continues to lose weight with his “Emmacise” program of early morning walks.

Not much else happening. This low FODMAP thing makes me tired!


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It makes her so happy…

Yes, we should probably change the name of the blog from “Caitymakes” to “Caity obsesses about Emmalumpdogg” but whatever.

The weather has been awful. Wet, windy, cold, miserable. Even though Mr Beloved has got a routine for washing Emmalumpdogg’s paws down to a fine art, it’s still a pain when it has to happen four or more times a day. The house smells of mud and wet towels.

imageThis was the view from Mr Beloved’s phone camera at 6:10 this morning. Driving rain and wind, so much so that even sturdy Miss Emmalumpdogg wanted to cut the walk short.

These photos are from the other day, before the rain set in.


Emmalumpdogg got a new toy. I’d been looking at it for a while, but it was half price when we went to buy her food, so… It’s called a Jolly Ball, and it smells of blueberries! (Blueberries are one of Emzie’s favourite things.) She sings to it, but I can’t work out how to load the video ☹️ so you can hear that. If you press on the media player link you should hear her singing to the ball but be warned, Dorian Grey the Cockatiel is very loud in the recording!

Anyway, it’s a solid ball, but she’s already scratched it up and worked out how to carry it around, she’s a very toothy beastie.

(in fact as I was writing this we had an under-the-bed battle, where Em brought in a piece of forbidden stinky wood to chew, and had to be forced to give it up. But not before she bit Daddy’s foot. Oops. All is forgiven now, but her love of the wild tobacco tree offcuts is about to end for good… The rotten shrub is no more.)

In better news, the next door house has sold, although whether the new owners are renovating for themselves (oh pleeeeeease…) or for tenants (…) we don’t yet know. But Emmalumpdogg’s friend was back, and we now know that she is 11 months old, and they had a lovely time racing up and down the fence again in the rain for hours yesterday…photo is from a fortnight ago when it was nice and dry. It’s not that Emzie can’t socialise with other dogs, just that she needs to be unstressed about it. Going to the vet with her is still a problem, but having her play with one other dog seems to be fine.image

So that’s about it this week… The usual round of doctors visits coming up, bleh. I’m sick of being sick.

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A birthday, a day late

Awwww Mummy, you DID remember my birthday, after all!image

Yes, Emmalumpdogg, we did! Now blow out your candle, sweetie!image

Mummy, I is so ‘barrassed! Is that whole pretty cake for me?! IT IS?!image

(After Mummy took the candle and paper off, Emmalumpdogg ran with the cake under the bed, where all naughty things go!

(Don’t judge us for commercial cupcakes, please… We’re not well, they’re free of artificial colours and flavours, and somedays parents have to compromise good intentions with reality?)

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Not much of a birthday…

Emmalumpdogg, you look exhausted!

Why yes, I AM! Mummy and Daddy took me in the car, and I cried and cried the whole 10 minute ride to the Vee Ee Tee, even though I love the people there, especially the new Vee Ee Tee lady who gave me lots of liver treats when she found out today was my first BIRTHDAY!

And then she took me on an adventure out to the back room to meet more hoomans, and have a manicure, which I looooove (seriously I do, I whine when Mummy and Daddy clip their nails).

BUT THEN the Vee Ee Tee lady was VERY RUDE to my bottom and the whole back room got a big smell of sardines, and the lady had to wipe my bottom a LOT with other pretty smelly stuff and ….

Well, I was told there would be pup cakes and party hats. NOT BOTTOM SQUEEZING AND SARDINE STINKIES!

image(Tomorrow, sweetie, tomorrow there will be pup cakes and party hats. We promise.??☺️)

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Yesterday, $1000 service on car.

Today, on way to X-ray appointment, car makes squealing noise under bonnet and emits small puff of smoke. And stops in middle of road.

Mr Beloved waits for tow truck while I jump in taxi and just get to appointment in time….

Car taken to where it was serviced. They now have it at least all weekend. Mr Beloved, whose back is fragile at the best of times, is severely jolted by his ride in the tow truck.

We have gone back to bed.

Below, the latest in my series of #doctorswaitingroomcarpets tweets…image

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wonky feet!

Wednesday: saw podiatrist at the same practice as my magic physiotherapist.

TL:DR :(too long didn’t read): off the shelf orthotics were never ever going to work for me.

Lightbulbs! I now understand why I have such problems with my feet. They are totally wonky donkey but the right foot rolls out, while my left foot tends to roll in slightly but lifts off too soon, which causes pain on my big toe and in my calf and…. Yeah. I have a weird gait, worse when I’m tired. Needs fixing to help keep my pelvis stable, which is what Jas the magic physiotherapist has been helping with. All probably stems from when I broke my back and fibromyalgia doesn’t help.

So: custom orthotics. They scan your feet and make full length orthotics right there (takes about half an hour) that should last about 4 years. but once your feet are scanned, you can get extra orthotics made quickly, you don’t need re-scanning. I got a quote from the health fund and I can’t do it yet (the car is getting serviced and there will be a lot of rice and vege meals in our future) but it’s not out of reach (under $300 all up out of pocket).

(I am incredibly lucky to have health cover – without it I wouldn’t have access to these luxuries like physiotherapy and podiatrists and it makes a huge difference.)

Soooon, soooooon I might be walking better and not being woken up by foot pain in the night! image

Of course, then I will be extra EXTRA diligent about making sure my shoes are lifted up and away from a certain ravenous beastie!

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Still no sewing, but… Pattern excitement!

Got to Spotlight (chain fabric/home dec/craft/party stuff store, for my non Aussie mates) today and raided the Vogue patterns because they were on sale for $7 instead of the usual approx. $30.

Had to call in Mr Beloved to be my sensible though, because I wanted to buy for my fantasy life, where I am glamorous, wear heels and gloves, and don’t own a dog with big muddy paws (in this life I am Grace Kelly?!) sigh. I reaaaaaaaaaaallllly wanted those vintage Vogues!untitled

(I do love this. Those curved seams would be a pain but they make it fit so beautifully….)


(I still want this. I have nowhere to wear it. Bit much for popping up to the shops, innit? And my fur stole is in cold storage, mmm hmmm.)


(This one has great reviews on Patternreview.com, although most people say to raise the neckline a bit and use bias binding on the neck and arm edges instead of the silly instructed narrow hem. I will be using bias.)

Vogue 1312

Vogue 1312

(This one also has good reviews, and a possibility for using just the bodice and top part of the skirt as a tunic, interesting.)

But the two I bought are really much more what I really wear – a bit unusual and probably made up in fabrics that will stand up to the washing machine.

I used to keep a little book where I stuck a copy of the patterns I owned and the relevant info I’d need when I went fabric shopping, but I stopped sewing (and changed sizes, and packed everything away) and so of course forgot which patterns I owned.image

you can see how incredibly useful it would be? Especially for someone as…(ahem!) memory challenged as I am?

So when I had a chance to dig it out of the Big Box of Patterns, I was pleasantly surprised to find… My Grace Kelly delusion has been a longstanding one! ? I already owned Vogue 1019 (the curvy suit) and a few other Vintage Vogues I’d pulled out yesterday as well, plus some which are now out of print.

There are a lot of patterns I own which are now too big for me (yay! And no, I’m not grading them down, I will sell them on Patternreview.com or op shop them) and some which are… Let’s say, only of historical interest?!  But there are a lot, especially the multi size ones, which I am really looking forward to playing with.

I also discovered that now that Spotlight let customers pull the patterns out of the drawers themselves (when did that start?) it’s much more efficient to just go through the drawers and hope things you want are there (especially in the second week of the sale) than look through the book, note pattern numbers, THEN hunt through the drawers. Much less disappointing that way. And you see things you miss in the books.

Now to save up for actual fabrics… The car is serviced (at long last, a HUGE worry off my mind!) and once my shoulder is fixed… Oh, but that’s a story for another time. X-rays and ultrasound tomorrow. What fun!

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Mud, mud, glorious mud….

And don’t the kiddies just love it!imageimageimageWinter has arrived, and the rain and cold on the weekend did not deter Emmalumpdogg from wanting her dawn walk. It’s been sooooo cold, in fact, that with wind chill the temperature has been below zero – enough to get her Daddy into long trakkie daks, and that’s saying something!

Last Monday, this happened:image

Her poor Daddy has also been very busy in the yard, reorganising and tidying. Whole plant tables have moved, and Plans have been Sketched. image

(Just a small Time Team joke there, since any big job will inevitably result in this….)

No point even trying to wash the floor until the mud dries a bit more…those great big feet are designed to dig in. Even with a damp towel in the kitchen to rub the worst of it off, there is mud from one end of the house to the other….

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