Allie leaves home

allie 257x300 Allie leaves home

Allie’s publicity shot…

Allie left home today.  Went to what should be a very nice new home where there a lot of other birdies with a lady who has other cockatiels and budgies and sulphur cresteds… we will miss his chatter, but we can’t keep everyone.  Bub and the little two (now called Salt and Pepper but very difficult to tell apart) are starting to venture out of the nesting box but are a few weeks away from being weaned yet.

In other news: our washing machine stopped working yesterday.  After much turning it off and on again and cursing at the rotten thing, we went and bought a new one. I’m hoping the technology has improved over the last 11 years and the new one will be quieter and a little bit kinder on the clothes.  The price for delivery included hauling away the old one, so at least we’re not left with the old one cluttering up the yard…

Poor Mr Beloved has a real shiner – all purple-y and green.  He had a possible skin cancer cut out on Wednesday, 6 stitches – ouch!  He goes back tomorrow to get the stitches out the the biopsy results, but the GP was pretty confident she’d got the whole thing.

I have a eustachian tube/middle ear infection thingummy and am deaf in my good ear, which is a bit of a bugger. My balance is off – I feel like elevators are going sideways.  Not a huge problem in a town where the longest elevator ride I generally need is 4 stories, but still disconcerting.



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They grow up so fast…

2014 01 29 bib and bub 300x201 They grow up so fast...

Bub is the one with more yellow and pearl; Bib is in foreground with more grey

As you can see, the big two are already quite feathered…

2014 01 29 little two 300x225 They grow up so fast...

The little two

And the little two are well on their way – those feathers are breaking out of the sheaths already.  It’s almost impossible to tell the little two apart, I think they’re going to be pearl greys like Allie.

2014 01 29 connie little two 300x156 They grow up so fast...

Connie is ever curious about anything little – she wants to kiss the babies!

Connie gets very excited whenever the babies come out of the cage.  Puppies, smaller dogs, baby birds – Connie just loves anything little.

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Best Dog Toy EVER!

A Retriever Pose 300x251 Best Dog Toy EVER!

Reminding us that poodles were, after all, bred to be water retrievers

Since it’s HOT again this week we decided we’d get Miss Connie a paddling pool.  After an initial wariness, she remembered that poodles are water retrievers and was straight in after her ball (or as she prefers to call it when she has her mouth full, her “bloggroggrogg”).  She has special toy poodle size ‘tennis’ balls from the pet shop, and when they’re wet, they’re Even BETTER.

entry by steps 300x183 Best Dog Toy EVER!

She worked out how to use the step…

getting mud from yard to pool via poodle 300x225 Best Dog Toy EVER!

It’s not really for CLEANING the dog, though…

dunkin 300x225 Best Dog Toy EVER!

You can make the ball roll around for ages…

When the bloggroggroggs can be rolled around in the water for ages, they get even better still.

drippygotcha 300x225 Best Dog Toy EVER!

Soggy bloggrogg ahhaa!

And then you can take them out and demand that they be THROWN while they’re all soggy, which means the humans get sprayed with water too, oh yes.

Happy 300x178 Best Dog Toy EVER!

A ball, in a pool!

high dive 300x225 Best Dog Toy EVER!

The empty side is just as much fun – you can climb from that!

She spent about 2 hours hopping in and out this arvo, having a lovely time, before eventually deciding she’d had enough and consenting to come inside to have the mud washed off.  There is absolutely NO POINT in washing the floors while she is playing with the pool!

(We have a lot of dirt and not a lot of lawn: the 2011 flood (and then the 2013 Australia Day “rain event”) washed a lot of our topsoil away and Mr Beloved is working hard to sheet mulch and re-vegetate areas, but for now: heat + dirt + running dog = dirt gets dragged into her pool.  We’ll let it settle overnight and see how it goes, but I think we’ll be bucketing it off to the garden and refilling it tomorrow.  Small price to pay for keeping the poor old dog cool.)

I also expect the magpies and butcher birds will use it when Connie doesn’t.

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What a difference a week makes…

What a difference a week makes in the lives of baby birds.  Feeding around the clock will do that I guess…

2014 01 19 big two 300x225 What a difference a week makes...

The big two now are getting their quills – and getting cheeky!

The big two are already losing most of their yellow feathers and looking quite grey. And their little quiffs are starting to grow in.  They look adorable.

2014 01 19 little two 300x225 What a difference a week makes...

The little two only had one eye open each today. Still covered in baby fluff and still quite white.

As you can see they’re quite well fed – lovely full crops, and they’re standing well (although the full crops and lack of coordination as yet means they tend to roll rather than stand on softer surfaces.)

2014 01 19 all four 300x225 What a difference a week makes...

All four together – there’s only a week or maybe 10 days developmental difference between the two pairs – what a difference!

We haven’t named any of these babies yet because we weren’t sure how many would survive. But so far it’s looking good. The parent birds are eating lots of extra seeds and lettuce to keep up with the demand.

In other news – we’re about to have another week of heatwave after a week of lovely mild temperatures. I’m not looking forward to it. 32 in here already today. And the shops are starting to sell WINTER clothes!

We had the plumbers in during the week to do some work around the house (haven’t got bill yet though, ouch) – replacing some old pipes that went from under the house to drains, moving a pipe that for some stupid reason had always stopped the back screen door from opening all the way (making the back steps a bit unsafe, especially when you’re negotiating them with a basket full of wet laundry) – well, I know the reason really, it’s because the laundry (and hence the back door and step etc) were only added on in the 1970s, so that’s the way it Just WAS… ARRRRRRGH – anyway, it’s finally fixed so I don’t have to worry about either of us taking a tumble there because we had to sidle through the door awkwardly now.

And that’s about it for now. More birdy photos later in the week.



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In which we are outnumbered

2014 01 14 two sets 300x224 In which we are outnumbered

yellow twins and teeny little white babies

Bolly and Dorian have done it again – but we’ve never had four eggs all hatch before. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you’ll see that one of the white babies is so new its feathers weren’t even properly fluffy yet.

And we still have Allie.

And Yarrow the flood bird who never got tamed.

Plus Mr Beloved’s troop of black and whites: juvenile butcher birds Pip (of great expectations) and sibling Squeak, who bring their parents Swoop and Butchie; and juvenile magpies Pie and Bone (although as I’m typing this an unknown young magpie has just turned up. Word is spreading.)  All of that lot turn up for shreds of strasburg sausage tossed to them – the butcher birds catch it on the fly; the magpies turn up and sing for it.

We’ve had some hothothot days (nearly 40C) but this week has been cooler.

Not much else happening – I’ve enrolled for my one subject I think I can manage at uni, but the first class isn’t until the start of March. It’s an English Literature unit.

I’ve tried to fix comments on the blog – if they’re still not working, please drop me a line on caity at caitymakes dot com.

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They’re all mad out there, you know…

So… I’ve still been having trouble sleeping.  The terrible cough has settled back into a somewhat-fixable-with-ventolin asthma cough, but it still gets disturbed enough by the CPAP machine wind that I can’t use my CPAP machine, so I AM A ZOMBIE.  It’s not fun.

Consequently my mental state is not brilliant.  Hence my lack of posts.

Allie bird is nearly weaned. Cockatiels are weaned at 8 weeks. Allie was hatched November 1, but is still SCRAAAAARTCHing for food from Bolly whenever he gets a chance, even though he is quite happy eating seeds and pellets and lettuce by himself as well. Bolly is sitting on a new egg already…

2013 12 17 Allie 300x225 Theyre all mad out there, you know...

Allie outside the cage, looking very grown up

We’ve been eating more salad-y things now the weather has been heating up.  Mr Beloved has been keeping an eye on the bargain shelf at the supermarket, so the other day we had a lovely posh lunch of prosciutto and fetta salad – for less than what some people would spend on a fast food hamburger.

2013 12 17 lunch 300x225 Theyre all mad out there, you know...

I went into town today (Mr Beloved dropped me in and picked me up) and it was INSANE!  Apart from essential grocery runs to the local shops we are now officially AVOIDING THE SHOPS until it all calms down again.

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A Day Out… and another birdy photo

So today we went for a little drive.  Out to Crows Nest, to visit an antique store. We took a writer friend with us, since she has a similar twisted sense of humour.

2013 12 05 Green jesus 225x300 A Day Out... and another birdy photo

Green Jesus with Blood Red Nailz ™

(You really must clicky for biggy on these, they’re special)

2013 12 05 cupid on swan 300x225 A Day Out... and another birdy photo

Cupid waves hello from a swan

The shop was very hot (being, as most such places are, really just a tin shed with a nicer front on it) and we were overwhelmed by furniture lust after a while -  beautiful little writing desks and huuuuuuuge breakfront dressers, none of which would fit in our houses… not to mention all the odd little (overpriced) bits and pieces…

Then lunch at the bakery. Yum.

A quick stop at an op shop back in town to look for frames for our friend (who is an artist as well as a writer, and has an upcoming exhibition in February) then home.

2013 12 05 mother and baby 300x225 A Day Out... and another birdy photo

You can see where Allie gets his pearl from…

(The photo is a bit overblown, but you should be able to see the pearl on Bolly’s wing – that’s where Allie gets it from.)

It was a windy day so my hair is extra frizzy – but I’m definitely having problems with my thyroid, even though the scan was normal.  Things are tasting odd, my skin is superdry, my nails are brittle, my throat is sore, my voice is hoarse, I’m TIRED, my hands and feet are cold, my memory is extra wonky… I could go on listing symptoms but it’s pretty pointless, since I can’t do anything about it except try and convince the Very Helpful Psychiatrist to order blood tests when I have a skype call with her on Monday.  I even know which blood tests I need.  This might sound like I’m being a bit of a hypochondriac – rather, we’ve been down this path before, LAST time I needed the thyroxine dose increased. *sigh*  And I need a referral to an endocrinologist, just to be on the safe side. BLOODY CHRISTMAS/ NEW YEARS, can’t get a thing done!  Everybody shuts down ’til the start of February!

Anyway. Enough of that. It was a lovely day.

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Birdy update… and the physio

2013 12 04 Allie out 225x300 Birdy update... and the physio

I can FLY now! I can fly to the cage and back!

Yes, that’s young Allie, on the wrong side of the bars – very self satisfied! We’re quite sure he’s a boy, given the squarks – no copied words as yet, but quite a lot of noise.

2013 12 04 Caity and Bol 300x225 Birdy update... and the physio

Bolly enjoys a chin scratch and a bit of free flight too

And that’s his Mum, out for a stretch of the wings and some pampering.  She adores having her beak rubbed and her chin and ear patches scratched.

I went to the physio about my jaw today. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it turns out that most of the problems actually originate….

… from when I broke my L2 (that’s way down in my lower back). Bad posture from trying to compensate has exacerbated the problems that were already there and now I have HOMEWORK from the physio to start to sort it out.  He manipulated my C2/C3 facet joints (I am now very sore) but the for the first time in years I could open my mouth fully and the joint didn’t go CLUNK, and I could turn my head all the way to the right! (I almost felt like an owl!)

So I’m very motivated to do the homework. Gently. But consistently.  And I have to work on my balance. (Oops. I kinda knew about that already, the bruises were a hint…)

Still coughing, by the way. The cough medicine doesn’t really help after the first hour, nor does the asthma medication.  It’s very embarrassing being anywhere public and having a cough that DOESN’T STOP!  I feel like waving a sign saying “NOT INFECTIOUS, REALLY!!” I tried to get in to see my GP today but she’s away and then booked up until the 24th… I have an appointment with her on the 8th so I guess I’ll just have to wait until then. Such a hassle around Christmas/New Year getting anything done!

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Allie and Connie

2013 11 28 chin scratch 300x224 Allie and Connie

I like a chin scratch already!

2013 11 28 crest 300x224 Allie and Connie

My crest feathers are nearly here!

2013 11 28 look up woof 239x300 Allie and Connie

My ear is getting better, really Mum… still the Cone of Shame… Really?

She’s a very smart poodle.  I think she wanted me to look up ‘otalgia’ in the dictionary for her – despite the ear drops from Jules the Vet, poor Connie is still shaking her head about in the night.  The swelling has settled down a lot, though.

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Selfie with birdie

2013 11 26 selfie w allie 225x300 Selfie with birdie

We match!

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